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Microvascularizatie cerebrala
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Societatea Romana de Telemicroscopie The Romanian Society of Telemicroscopy intends, for the beginning, to offer, with your support, an interactive platform designed to create a database with microscopy images representative for the various branches of science and a discussion list based on those images. To become a member of our society please visit the registration page or contact us here.

From the creation of the first microscope in 1959 to the multiphotonic, confocal, robotized, even neutronic microscope of nowadays, a series of technological achievements (optic systems, lasers, image acquisition devices, software and hardware, IT platforms, optic fiber, satellites, the INTERNET) have marked this evolution road making way for the transformation of the classical microscope. The technology that stands behind the microscopes directly connected to the WEB (World Wide Web) allows the development of a cooperation environment between specialists who work in different locations. This cooperation is possible as they can interact via Internet during the process of collecting and interpretation of data. Static/dynamic Telemicroscopy allows the visualization of microscopy images in real time, by an unlimited number of users, located far from each other, by accessing the INTERNET or other communication networks. The usage of the video component in interactive analysis of an examined probe on the microscope offers a real advantage of time and efficiency in interpretation and examination (the diagnostic of the majority against the individual diagnostic). There already exist different collaboration projects between diverse disciplines one of them being related to observational astronomy. Telemicroscopy has already become a modern instrument, cheap and fast, that allows different specialists from diverse science domains (biomedical science, agriculture and silviculture, quality control, education, etc.) to interact for educational, advisory or even diagnostic purposes. The digitization of microscopy images represents an essential condition of telemicroscopy, the digital information being easy to store, process, quantify. Telemicroscopy reduces the barriers of time and distance, the advantages being multiple: reduced transportation costs, or/and currier taxes (probe, patient, specialist), it also removes the risk of the degradation of the probe/slide during transportation, it offers fast access for the specialists from the rural environment to discussions based on a microscope image, the avoidance of compulsory presence of an specialist in a certain location/restricted area (eg biosecurity), the possibility of image visualization after work hours or at the week-end, the more efficient use of the specialists’ time, the creation of databases with representative images, easy access to learning and education process .
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April 2009, we have launched our web site, the first interactive portal from Romania presenting the digital microscopy.
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